Is my husband heading for another episode?

My husband is a paranoid schizophrenic. He has been faithful about his meds and his last episode that required hospitalization was 12 years ago. Four years ago he packed his worldy possessions and left while i was away. We worked things out and it has been fine since then. Last week he has done the same thing again, packed up his possessions in his truck, sleeping on random peoples couches. He has given all of his money away, flat broke. He came to see me hugged me like he didnt want to let go told me he loves me and left again. He says someone hacked his bank account, but it was him mixing up his password. He says his best friends of 30 years are distant to him all of a sudden. He says that the cat box needs to be cleaned out or it will kill him. He has no interest in the imminent arrival of our new grandson even though its a high risk pregnancy. The only thing he worries about is his ex wife. He gives all of his money to her, and if she calls him yelling for something he runs out the door to do what she wants. He closed up his business that he had built up at our home, says he doesnt want to do that anymore, people piss him off. Hes a mechanic, and has always loved to be under a car. He’s avoiding all of his family. I am worried that he is heading for a real episode and he will get hurt. Should i be so concerned? Im worried sick

Hi Bewildered, his behavior does sound worrisome to me.

I’m sorry you are going through this. One problem with worrying (I actually did worry myself sick) is that it does not change the outcome or symptoms of another person’s illness. Please try to care for yourself and do things that keep you grounded and healthy, especially with your grandchild on the way.

You are in a really difficult situation and I hope everything turns out well.

Have him involuntarily hospitalized. He can get monthly injections of medication. Many people with Schizophrenia will not stay on their medication otherwise.

Tell the ER doctors that he is a danger to himself (which he is). We have to play the suicidal card, because our culture doesn’t know what to do with people who have SZ.

Yes, you should be concerned. He is not acting rationally. If only one of the actions of his that you listed happened by itself, I would excuse it. But with all these incidents happening together in a relatively short period of time I would be really alert to his condition and his next move. Sounds like his mental health is unraveling.

It’s possible for anyone who is diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia to relapse, even if they’re taking their medication. I was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia in 1980 at age 19. I was hospitalized at one point for 8 months. I got out in 1982 and I got stable and got a job and went to school and I got a car. My symptoms were pretty much under control and I thought I would never be hospitalized again.

Well in 1988 I relapsed and had several short hospitalizations. And I had been taking my meds faithfully. That was my last hospitalization until about a month and a half ago. I was working, I had a car, I was taking online college classes, I was living independently, I was keeping in regular touch with my family, I was attending two different support groups semi-reguarly. I was doing everything right but then my mom died and I lost my housing and I cracked and I spent two days in a psyche ward. Now I’m living in semi-independent living and trying to get back on my feet. Anyway, you’re husband is acting irrisponsibly and obviously needs help because left to his own devices, he is wrecking his own life and there’s a chance that he might wreck yours too if someone doesn’t intervene.

Thank you all for taking the time to reply to my questions, it is very much appreciated. I talked to his mother yesterday and she had noticed that something was off in the way he was talking a few days ago. I guess confirmation is what I was hoping for, and you all have at least shown me that I really do have something to be concerned about. At this time he is 5 hours away and I cant do anything until he comes back to our area. I will talk to his sons and see if and when he is back we can get him to the hospital. Thank you all again for your input.