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Is residential living a good choice?


My son is 20, diagnosed at 16 with schizophrenia.
He lives with me, I also work full time. He rarely leaves the house and has no interest in anything. There is a residential center about 10 miles away that he qualifies for. However, he has to volunteer to go. I would love some input on how I can get him to go there. I think it would be so much better for him. For those of you who have a loved one in a residential center, how were you able to convince him to go?? Thanks!


Cher, I am sorry that I am responding and I don’t have a relative in a residential center.

From my experiences with my son, what he is willing to do, he will do. That is probably why the facility has the requirement of needing them to volunteer to go.

From what others have said on the forum, presenting the benefits repeatedly to your son can make an impact, especially if there are things he would see as a benefit. Has he visited the residential center?