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Not Eating? Is it the meds or Delusion?

Hi Friends
She would not eat the whole day till dinner time for about a month and some days now. she told the mother she is going to do this for 3months. She told me she doesnt feel like eating. We are worried that she might hurt herself. I suspect it is some kind of delusion. She is treating Schizophrenia and bipolar for 3yrs now.


Hi, I went through something like that with my sz son, and still do from time to time. It use to worry me and frustrate me, but both his psychiatrist and his family doctor said that so long as he was getting enough fluids daily and getting at least 1 meal a day, not to worry. His doctor suggested that the behavior can possibly be delusional at times and or/ in part a by product of how the medicine affects the appetite for some individuals.

My son prefers dinner over any other meal of the day and it has taken me many months/years to get him to maybe have something small an hour or two after he gets up…like a granola bar, cup of yogurt or a small banana. Some days he still refuses. He also takes strange turns where he will cut all of his portions in half or less for awhile or sometimes double up on things at dinner saying he is “starving.” I keep nutritious food available for him and although the rare times when he gets money he will buy candy and pop for himself, I think he gets enough good food at dinner to be okay in the long run. His family doctor and psychiatrist say his health is fine.

I would talk to her doctor(s) about your worries and see what they say and possibly get reassurance. Best wishes.

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From experience with my boyfriend it’s probably his delusions they make him do a lot and most the time it’s not because he wants to it’s because he feels like he has to