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Is there a way around the mother and step father of my friend?

Have just been round to my friends, just when i was getting her to agree to be compliant and talk to someone… in comes the mum and quickly orders me out of the house. then she is on the phone to the police and i’m on the phonee to the ambulance… then it’s all over and the police make sure i don’t keep on lying down in the street, not knowing how to cope with how much my friend needs help

The parents are saying: that the 2.5 and 5 mg diazepam makes her psychosis seem to get better. mother says she was allowed to drive a car, she can drive you know ? and she is quite calm most of the time

The parents are doing: complicit with her no medication, showing pride at her long break from meds, not researching haloperidol, (my friends most recent drug) agreeing with my friend that her doctor is not good, when she said to me it’s because the doctor wants to shit on her head.

She is saying: If you stamp on the dove stone something falls out of the sky, that she’s scared about being fish hooked through the mouth by the guy in the flat upstairs, and that the magnesium she is taking makes her magnetic to the cooker.

first i spoke to my friend, then called a health hotline. the doctor was going to ring me back.

then The mother and step dad called the police while I was on the phone to the ambulance because i escalated it too quickly (i am used to all the drama from 20 yrs schizophrenic myself and watching my sister die after 14 years of straight no break psychosis_) while they are a middle class family who don’t do that sort of thing because my friend has a masters

I am going to speak to my psychiatrist tomorrow.

my friend’s psychiatrist is my old psychiatrist, i will get my new one to pass on a note about how she is tomorrow.

Any advice welcome

It doesnt sound like there is anything you can do-except pass that note to your doctor. Dont understand the whole story, but it sounds like her mother wants to handle it.**

I am totally powerless,
I think her mother is close to anti meds and she is staying with her mum while very psychotic, they don’t allow her out of the house without them going with them

Truthfully, if she is staying with her parents, they have the final say.
You have done all you can do by talking to your doctor, if the proffesionals care to take over, they will.
Sounds like her mom could use some treatment herself.