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Is this all there is?!


We went to monthly pdoc’m still fuming!We came early+the pdoc saw a new patient every 15 mins.No joke!We go in for our 13 mins-no eye contact+run thru list of questions on computer.I tried to explain some things I’ve noticed about my son.Pdoc said it could be thought distortion or maybe he is just lying to me.Wow.I wonder who knows him better-his family or pdoc that blesses us with 15 mins per month!I know I should be grateful as dr is very busy.I just feel that this has changed my sons life.He can no longer function normally.Doesn’t he deserve more than this?!Can’t find a sz pdoc in Michigan.Making phone calls tomorrow to try to get some more experienced help.I’d like to find a real caring,knowledgeable pdoc.Could be like hunting for buried treasure!Made next pdoc appt for 2 months even though he’s having violent thoughts again.It just blows me away!!!


i am really sorry you are not getting the help you deserve and need, are there support groups that may be able to help you ?
hope things work out for your family.
take care


Before my son became ill I thought psychiatrists were the ones to really get to know their patients, talk to them about their issues, something like what I used to see in the movies. Of course, I know now it’s nothing like that.

I do remember how difficult it was in the beginning, going down a list of pdocs and not knowing anything about any of them. We have been through a few doozies ourselves.

I think you are doing the right thing by searching for another pdoc. You may want to contact your local NAMI and ask for recommendations also.

Keep plugging away - hopefully you will find the right one soon!


Believe me I know. Our doctor in Samson Alabama was on tv. He would barely answer a question. The doctor he goes to in Georgia shot his medicine right and he can talk.she studied it two hours. She got with the phascist. She iS my hero. I had to leave him with my mother to get good care. Yes your son deserves better.


Thanks @dark sith!There is a support group about an hour away.That’s something I hope we can do in the future.You have a great sense of humor!It has really made me laugh on some dark days.


@lovemyson-I’ve resigned myself to the fact that we are going to have to travel somewhere(we go an hour away now) to get some decent care.I know most people have probably had these issues.I just don’t feel like putting up with this a##inine mental health system anymore!


I don’t know if this link may help you to find another pdoc.

Reading things like this makes me very thankful for the services we/I have. We don’t need much time with his pdoc because we see members of the PACT Team and they report back to the pdoc with our questions and concerns.

Sometimes I will purposely ask them what they think as I know that my own feelings and opinions can get in the way of seeing the bigger picture.


@BarbieBF-you are exactly right!Our emotions do interfere with our ability to see things clearly.That’s the most frustrating part.I can’t talk to pdoc+tell her my observations.We should be a team tackling this together.I feel like I can either sit in a corner and cry or get angry and try to help my son.I’m searching for a child pdoc that specializes in schizophrenia-even if its just a one time meeting to get some guidance.It makes me really upset because I worked in pediatric oncology for years and if these symptoms were from a brain tumor,we’d be getting top notch care.I’m hoping to use this despair/anger I feel to change things for the better.I know other families must also be dumbfounded by the lack of help.


Oh yes! You sound so much like me…
keep looking until you are satisfied. Maybe your local hospitals might be able to refer someone to you. Good luck!!!