Family and Caregiver Schizophrenia Discussion Forum

Is this forum broke?

Haven’t seen any posts in a few days, what’s up? Is everything okay? This is really unusual. I hope we are still operational.

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I was wondering the same thing - no new posts = weird! Hmmm ….

@skyler.hayden I just posted a new post. Hopefully you see it

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Gosh, I was still getting posts

I see just one new post from @Feelingalone just appeared today…not sure what’s happening :frowning: I’ll check back

That is really unusual, something that is just affecting some of us…

I’m seeing seven new posts in the last three days. I know I’ve been reading posts but not necessarily responding much recently myself. I’m still here though! Count me in! I’ve got my arm in the air waving it with great enthusiasm!


It’s been at least a week and still nothing except the replies to this one thread …I think we need to call IT. :smiley:

I take that back I just saw one post pop up. still very weird and not functioning like it use to.

Is it possible you may have changed something in your settings by accident? Or blocked incoming emails by accident if that’s how you’re viewing the site?

Are you still having the same problem as well?

I dismissed a bunch but I don’t believe I blocked anything…I’ll take another look. I saw a few more new posts today so maybe its fixed.