New forum test run


ok so just a nonsense post, testing out this new forum, getting the hang of it so far, not so good with change. Want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas season with much love and comfort with all the struggles we’re all battling.


It’s certainly different from the old forum. But as I adjusted I think I like it. I interact a lot on the diagnosed category. I didn’t on the old forum but I’m glad now that I do.


@BarbieBF, omg I just kept trying to find how to reply lol, and it was at the top of the page, stil getting used to it lol


You can reply to any message - just move your mouse cursor (pointer on the computer) over the message and you’ll see a “Reply” button become more visible. Just click on that - its after every message on the right side bottom under the message.


noticing I am trapped in trust level 0, something is odd :crying_cat_face:

actually … looks like I am out of it :slight_smile:

btw. you can move this to the meta category :surfer:


It’s to cut down on spammers and trolls. Welcome to the forum :smile:


btw, I did raise this issue on our meta