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Job Assistance Network

This is a great site for persons with any kind of disability (but specific mental illness are named with possible accommodations listed for each specific disability or type of mental illness) and for general helps in seeking employment and other job-related topics.


Thank you! This is just what we need as our next step. My daughter’s temporary part time job is ending on Aug 27th. I was wondering how to look for something else.

I’m assuming this is a US organization?

Yes, because the job accommodations are based on the ADA - Americans with Disabilities Act. However, I think if you look at it there is a lot of information that COULD be useful to someone with a mental health disability who is seeking guidance on employment related situations and potential communications, keeping in mind that much of the information there is based on protections that employees and prospective employees have in the U.S. under the ADA. While someone in another country may not have the same protections, there is still good things to think about on this site.