Just might as well not be here


My son said the voices are worse. He wanted to go to a hospital. We can’t get in touch with her if we have problems at home. He has had a malignant syndrome and can’t take anything. I wanted him put where I could visit him daily. If you call a crisis hotline theyvsn put him too far away to visit. He decided to make the med change at home. I am going back to Alabama to work. If you have problems let the crisis people put your butt where it’s too far for us to visit . He will eventually have to go in the hospital so why can’t he go to a good hospital we can visit. Right now I want to just wash my hands. I know I don’t really feel that way but he makes things harder


Columbus Georgia has the Bradley center. It’s one hour from eufaula Alabama. I pray the meds the doctor added work. If they don’t we only have crisis line for weekend. I hate we did not cease the moment when he would go to hospital.


I’m sorry this is all being so hard. Second guessing ourselves seems to be part of the course. Sending good vibes that the meds work so that he doesn’t need to go to a hospital too far away to visit.


im sorry-I know this is hard. I dont understand about the malignant syndrome-he cant take anything? Why cant you put your son in a place where you can visit?


If the crisis people put him anywhere it can be four hours away. I wanted him near us in Columbus and his doctor call. I have to work each day. I could visit in the afternoon. He does not need and change at home with his problems. My elderly mother will be with him. If the voices get worse she will have to call the crisis line they don’t place near home because of mental health cutbacks.


My son was on seroquel and it built up. All his organs were shutting down. A doctor took him off seroquel and saved his life. We have to make sure he never gets that family of drugs.


I was watching or reading something the other day about how much time crisis response teams sometimes have to spend trying to find an open bed. They sometimes have to drive hours each way to find one. Not a good situation for anyone involved.


That’s why I was irritated with my son. I want to be near hospital. Just worried


Last night my son asked to be taken to the hospital near me. He was admitted. He says the voices harass him I pray he can get meds balanced.


My son was changed from invega to risperdol. Two years ago he was put on risperdol and heard voices bad. This is three years later I hope it works this time. He takes grison with it. I pray it works.


I spelled geodon wrong