Laws protecting mentally ill from being supplied with alcohol or street drugs

Apparently there aren’t any. At least I can’t find any reference to one.

I guess I’m having a hard time with this so bear with my rant. I’m just getting tired of my son coming back from the neighbors under the influence of alcohol and/or marijuana and it doesn’t look like there is anything that I can do to stop it. :frowning:

afaik it is against the law to take advantage of the mentally handicapped. At least that is what my social worker told someone who was taking advantage of me. The person had to give my money back and not take anymore from me. I have a budget and have to show what/where my money is going since i am not good with money.

So my suggestion would be to ask your social worker or get a social worker appointed to help you. I would think if someone knows your son is mentally ill they would not be giving things bad for his health.

Is he underage?

I don’t like the idea of another law, prohibiting the legal use of alcohol, restricting the mentally ill.

No he is not underage. I guess that is a big part of my frustration. Understanding his rights while at the same time trying to avoid another relapse.

I just talked to the friends father and gave him a letter stating my concerns so hopefully they will try to limit what they are giving him as they won’t be the ones trekking to the hospital every day.

That is a bold move. I applaud you. Was he receptive?

I hope this Dad gets on your side, since you’re not the one taking the friend to the hospital either.

Receptive yes. Said it will stop today. I made my expectations clear 8+ months ago and several times since then but here we are. Hoping for the best though.

This dad is OK with his own mentally ill son smoking pot in his flat? Wow that blows me way.

The dad smokes and drinks too. :frowning:

Wow, I am really sorry for that. The friend hasn’t had to go to hospital? I can only imagine how much pot they must go through if it’s all cool to smoke it in the house.

My Dad is an art teacher and he had his young party days but it was never O.K when my parent’s found the drugs or pot. It was really never OK. I can’t really wrap my head around a parent sitting down and smoking it with the kids. I know some do… Even now that we’re all adults, there is no way my Dad would do that. My head just can’t wrap the image in there.

I wonder what would this Dad do if his kid has to be admitted? Would he even be lucid enough to help his son? You’re dealing with two teenaged party guys not just one.

To be fair they are not drunk and high all the time. The dad works. It’s when the dad is not home that the situation seems to be worse. Will see how it goes. Have to be optimistic lol.

Well I used to be just like him, when I first became psychotic, I reached out to weed and alcohol. Weed made me worse but also high at the same time, so I gave up on it, and alcohol did the trick, it relieved my symptoms and helped me sleep.

If he is your son, cut off his allowance and make him have a curfew. If he’s living in your house, he should obey you, especially if he is a minor.

Alcoholism and schizophrenia tend to get married after a few nights together, so nip his drinking habit in the bud before he gets like I was- a raging alcoholic. They don’t wanna get divorced, either. Quitting alcohol was one of the hardest things I have ever done.

But if he is on meds (Im sorry I dont read your posts very often, the Family section is beyond my realm, I stick to the diagnosed section), he really needs to be a clean monkey, with no drugs or alcohol in his blood. Mixing meds with weed is just cancelling each other out, and alcohol and meds can be dangerous because they decrease your tolerance to alcohol AND meds can be deactivated by complete intoxication.