LEAP conference

Good news, we’re offering in-person LEAP trainings again — with webinar and live virtual options! Check out an upcoming session:

Join Dr. Amador, forensic expert and clinical psychologist, to learn how to communicate with someone struggling with serious mental illness, including:

  • Real-life Roleplays
  • “What To Say” LEAP Examples
  • 7 Communication Tools to Reduce Anger & Build Trust
  • Identify Anosognosia vs. “Denial”

The Henry Amador Center Team

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Oh wow, glad to see there are conferences again. LEAP helped so much in many situations for me when my daughter was bad off. I would highly recommend getting more training in it if a loved one isn’t responding well to communications.

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@Mojoclay nice to see you here. How are things?

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I read and try to keep informed still . Lost husband in Feb. Im now learning
and taking grief therapy. I miss my son every moment… xo

Oh @Mojoclay , my deepest condolences on losing your husband so recently. I will think of you in my prayers. I hope the grief therapy is good for you.

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