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Online LEAP Training

I am a volunteer moderator on the Diagnosed Forum so rarely log on to the Family Forum.

I completed Dr. Amador’s LEAP training (in person) when it was offered in my state a couple of years ago. I am still on the email list and I received an email about online LEAP Training being offered.

Here is the link for more information regarding the online LEAP training. The first session is already sold out but they are offering a second session.


Thank you so much for posting this link, @Moonbeam

In the past few years of dealing with my daughter on meds, and the prior years before she was medicated, I found LEAP invaluable. I will be signing up for the next session that is still open (3 are sold out, one on July 1st is still open) and I think the $130 fee is reasonable. The book is great, but I think an online training will be great.

This is awesome @Moonbeam
Thank you!

@Moonbeam thanks for the link. I attended the last session today. The training was very good, but the Q&A sessions were great.

I didn’t submit any questions, but other questions were of very high caliber and answers useful. I learned many new things about Dr. Amador such as him being the architect of many of NAMI’s trainIng programs like Friends and Family and Peer to Peer.

There were attendees from across the globe and privacy was protected for non-volunteer participants for the stigma-conscious like myself. In the follow up questionnaire, I praised them for the online format, because I’ve wanted to attend a conference for a year or two, but location and timing did not work for me. Well worth the price of attendance.

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