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LEAP book vs training

I don’t really have an immediate need for LEAP, as I’m not directly involved with my brother’s care and I’m not a mental health “professional” in the usual sense. I might need it in the future and I’m interested on a personal and networking level, however.

I signed up on the list to be notified for training a while back, but so far it seems training events are few and far between and they never seem to be near my area.

Has anyone had the training? How does it compare to the book? Intuitively it makes perfect sense to me, given my personal experience how people with SZ related diseases think and feel. I’m concerned I might not have the same experience if I read the book without training.

I have similar questions about CBT. I’ve been practicing my own version of it for decades I suppose, but I’m curious how it’s ‘really’ done.

The book is great, but I also benefitted quite a bit from watching some of the free videos available online at the LEAP Institute website. I felt like I got the theory from the book but was having trouble applying it. Watching Dr. Amador role play with others was very helpful and I’ve been more successful since I did this.

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Hi itsastruggle,

Thank you :+1:for the information about watching Dr. Amador role play. I somehow missed those particular videos. I have read the book and have tried to implement the concepts but have not had any luck with my husband yet.

It hasn’t done anything for the symptoms, but i can already see that it has helped our relationship.