LEAP with someone who doesn't talk

I watched Xavier Amador’s ted talk on LEAP and the thing is, my family member just doesn’t talk about his feelings (or anything else). There’s pretty much nothing I can listen to to empathize with… It’s all in his head, unspoken

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That is very difficult. Not sure how LEAP would apply. My adult daughter is the same way. She won’t converse. If we ask a question, she will comment with as few words as possible. To spend time with her we play word search Puzzles together - this helps avoid an awkward silence. Keep trying. One day they will reconnect with us. I have to believe that.


thank you… being pessimistic won’t help for sure. hope it’ll all get better!!

I think you have to get to the point of talking first. That would mean just the first 2 steps. Whenever your loved one does talk, just listen and empathize.

I know my son didn’t talk much. But he was listening. Just talk to him, without overwhelming, even if he doesn’t talk back.