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How long did it take you to learn to do Xavier Amador's LEAP approach?

How long did it take you to be able to feel comfortable using the LEAP method?

I’m stuck on how to discuss grandiose delusions without agreeing.

I’ve tried just repeating what he says, saying I don’t know, oh really, etc.
He says I’m either playing dumb, or I’m really too dumb to know all this stuff that he knows.

So, I never quite get to the empathize part.

I’m reading, re-reading, and then reading some more. It’s very helpful, but I’m having a hard time getting it.
I think I am getting better, but my progress is very slow.


Since my son’s delusions are so grandiose and involve drugs, I feel it is a disservice to him if I agree. I feel like I have to tell him what will happen even if he doesn’t believe me. I do listen and empathize. I don’t agree and cannot partner so I have mastered only LE. I think I will listen again. I’ve already read the book twice so it isn’t the book. I think it is hard to practice but the fact that both of our sons still live with us must say something about them feeling loved and listened to. I try not to raise my voice with him but sometime it is hard when he is pushing so hard to do what he wants to do. One day at a time

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Still trying to learn

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More videos for those new to this method of working / interacting with people who are psychotic:


and the full channel of videos from Xavier Amador’s LEAP program: