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Leaving son when we travel

My husband and I go to Fl for a few weeks during winter. We left my son for 6 weeks. Told him he wasn’t allowed in our house. Kicked open the door and was at our house the entire time, and did a lot of damage. We are having a security system installed and next time the police will come. I feel so guilty leaving him, when we are all he has. We invite him to come IF he is on medication. Last time I even bought him a 1 way ticket, but he failed to use it. Anyone else travel and leave their loved one? I just can’t see giving up our entire life , when he won’t help himself.

oh yes, often, shut down the gates lol, 6’ full perimeter fence with barbed wire, for me though keeps SZ in rather than out lol.

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We traveled when my son was in residential facilities. When he was not and still not doing well, I hired someone to manage things. Now he is well enough that he does okay when I am out of town.


I totally agree that you and your husband need to do and to enjoy things just for yourselves, @Shallcro, otherwise all three of you are lost.

I think you just do your best to put reasonable things in place and then do your best to enjoy yourselves on the trip. And setting limits with your son (such as giving him conditions under which he is welcome to join you) is also reasonable.