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Life charging my heart with family this weekend

I just got back about an hour ago visiting my home town Norman, OK. to see my sister and my brother and his wife, My sister’s fiancee and my dad. My sister Amy’s 3 grown kids were there. and I had a good buzz working crown royal and coke. I rarely drink but when I’m there it’s open bar with anything you want to drink. I bartended the hot tub party. no I didn’t get in. haha…we went out to eat when we arrived Saturday and I had a huge cheeseburger and home cut fries. it was really good. My dad had a heart to heart and it kind of stunned me how you could feel the actual distance between us. He asked me “how long has it been since I have seen you?” I said, 8 years. He kind of sighed and I could tell that kind of hurt him a bit. I feel loved from my dad but we have a strange relationship. He is the opposite of me financially because he’s a doctor. but anyways. I kind of “charged totally” because it warms my heart to see all my family like that. My brother Barry was there and his wife, Liz. they are awesome. Barry’s learning the guitar self taught. and I am giving him pointers. makes me feel good to help. anyways. that’s my lovely time.

Glad to hear you had a good time. Family are important, particularly at our ages.

It’s your life @jukebox and I know it’s not gonna kill you but I think it would have probably been an even better visit if you weren’t drinking. Not really my business though.

Still, glad you had a good weekend.

I don’t drink with Angie anymore. It’s just a “feel good kind of place” and when I’m there everybody just has such a blast there. we were digging on good music and cracking up. I had a really good time but I won’t drink again until I see them like that again. kind of a social fling in the middle of sobriety. thanks for your concern.

I get the same feeling from my family gatherings. It is nourishing to my soul.

Your Dad’s a doctor, that might be why the distance. So many of my relatives are in the medical field or social work and I know what you are feeling. I want to say they are cold but they’re not, it’s just a toughness from dealing with hurt people, a protective garment.

Family is invaluable to me. It’s nice to have someone on your side when the world is trying to chew you up and spit you out.

So glad you were able to get together with your family.
Good for the soul. I`m happy for you!

A good visit with family is always uplifting. Glad you had a good time!