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My dad loves me after all...( a late Christmas card.)


well, me and my dad are pretty distant. His second wife didn’t want him to have anything to do with his first family and they moved off to Mississippi where they’ve lived for a long time, decades. Most Christmas times these last five years or so all I ever got from dad was a text that said “merry Christmas” which I just reply Merry Christmas back. well I didn’t expect to get any more Christmas cards this year but checked the mail anyways. Dad sent a card with a check for $200 bucks. I was floored. I immediately called him and tearfully thanked him and he was golfing but said he was going to try to come to Oklahoma in March. So I am shooting for that as the next time I get to see my dad. Last time I saw him was on my wedding day in september of 2007. I really am torn about my dad and my step dad. My dad has had pretty much nothing to do with me after mom’s divorce with him. I am much closer to my mom. anyways, I’m rambling. Happy New Year !!


This is shaping up to be a year of family healing for you.

Very glad for you that you get start reconnecting with your family. Very cool.

Congratulations. It sure does help to have family on your side.

Glad your winter season went so well.


It’s so nice that your dad catched up with you again and showed his concern for you, jukebox. I guess he has never forgotten you. Congratulations on this reconnection with your family.


That’s great Jukebox! $200 bucks. nice!
Hope you spend it on something nice for yourself. Yay for you dad stepping up.


That’s awesome jukebox. I’m happy for you.


Hey man, that’s awesome. I am very glad for you…:slight_smile:


I sent you a PM.