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Looking after damaged children


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Is there any way you can straighten Max out a little - try to make him be responsible, for his own sake as much as yours? Kids need to be taught responsibility. Still, I know what it is like trying to talk to an adolescent. I was one once myself.


all i get is that adolescent pout and an ear full of sarcasm in return then tears and tantrums, then he’ll apologise, says he;ll try and 5 minutes later he’s back to refusing meds and on his laptop. i’ve told him come january all he;ll be allowed to do at night is read on a kindle paperwhite which i’ll get him in the january sales. i’ve got a froend coming round to look at my router to see if the power to max’s devices can be isolated and his connection switched off. the other night i tried to take his laptop away and it didn’t turn out well. so this way i can just switch off and isolate his connection. once he’s got the kindle paperwhite he’ll have no choice but to read which will make him tired enough to sleep. max can’t take responsibility, he’s not well enough or mature enough to handle it. i would love to give him responsibility. the last time i tried i found cat litter trays full to the brim and dog pee all over the kitchen floor. he was supposed to look after theanimals for two days while i was away. his older sister was here but he elected to do it. as it turned out he couldn’t be fookin arsed to get up and let them out or clean up after them. luckily his sister fed them that was two months ago. what responsibility do you suggest i give him next time? a tin of ham on a string would be a stretch at this point x


**Just a stretch-but why do you have to stay up with him?
I think my son takes benadryl sometimes when he can`t get to sleep. Not good, but…


good point, bridge’ i think it’s because he’s only 15. i can’t settle till i know he’s asleep, guess that’s just me being an over protective mother. i mean i should sleep, i know. he’d wake me if he was having trouble with anxiety but i guess i’d just rather be alert in case he needs me. x


Unless I take a sleeping pill, which I usually won’t when my son is unwell, I find that I’m waking up all night until my son has settled down himself. I know he will get me if he wants me but he may not realize he needs me…

Hopefully your friend can isolate the connection so you can turn his off but as far as I know it’s either on or off :frowning: . My computer isn’t wireless so I just disconnect the router when I need my son off the internet.

More and more I’m having to pull back or say no to letting him have what he wants whenever he wants it. He gets his treats when grocery shopping but in between it’s more no’s to extra treats at the store and energy drinks. Part of the aggression my son was recently showing could be from 2 energy drinks a day for 2 days. Some sites say that one energy drink is equal to 4-6 cups of coffee plus the crash is usually worse then just drinking coffee due to the extra sugar, ginseng etc content.

One morning my son wasn’t getting up until I said: If you don’t get up then you won’t get the internet back today. :boom: he got up. lol


hmmm he’s just asked me when “we” are clearing his room lol. yesterday he said he would do it for a fiver which i happily agreed to, now it’s “we” lol.

apparently you can get an isolating wireless router for about 60 dollars in the u.s. and about 50 pounds in the uk. it isolates the ip address apparently. so everyone else’s stuff is fine but max’s will have no connection. that extends to mobiles and tablets too. :smile:

it’s difficult to settle when your kids are unwell huh. part and parcel of being a mother i guess. did you ever notice how the fathers sleep through the whole night regardless? pffft! luckily i don’t have that problem anymore, not lucky that he died of course though but at least i;m not getting wound up that it;s always me getting up in the night. wish here was here though for the extra support if nothing else…ho hum. shit happens i guess.


Have you tried things like getting a small set of weights and maybe one of those chin up bars for the house? Teenage boys can get quite into doing that stuff at home where noone can see them. They want to look all muscly like computer game characters. Then on the back of that you can get them interested in eating protein and gradually improving their diet - even vegetables. My son has sz and even at his lowest point, he didn’t slide far from a good diet because he learned all about it like that when he was your son’s age.

Plus the exercise can help him sleep, directly improve his mood, etc.