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Ho hum.....depressed boy


so max is just laying on the sofa playing games on his 3ds. he is apathetic and not really interested in his presents for tomorrow at all. he also split up with his girlfriend a week ago. he’s really having a hard time of it. i tried to engage him in conversation but only got one word answers. he doesn’t want to watch movies with me and just wants to be left alone. :frowning: i don’t know what to do to cheer him up. i just got him a 3ds download so i’m hoping that that will take his mind off of his troubles for a few days. we’re supposed to be going to my mum’s on boxing day but i don’t know if i can get him in the shower… it’s been 6 days since he last showered and had his hair combed through and i just can’t seem to get through to him. he’s probably crawling with nits and i need to comb his hair through and put a treatment on it…he just doesn’t seem bothered at all…any ideas welcome


Atleast he’s playing the video game. Sometimes I can’t even get myself to turn on the machine because I think it is too much effort.


I’m sorry max is down, kind of a damper on the holiday yes? here’s wishing a smile on your heart for caring so much.


Pepperoni pizza!!!..


Sounds like he has negative symptoms.
Really, all you can do is ask, or tell, him to do it. Cant force him. Maybe he will buck up for boxing day when it comes. You may have to just let him be until he decides to do something. I know this advice doesnt help-but I tried everything with my son short of putting a leash on and dragging him. Nothing worked until he was ready.
In spite of it all, I wish you and yours a good holiday ))**