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Looking for naturopath in Bay Area

My young adult loved one has asked me to look into alternative meds/treatment. I have done some research but would truly appreciate some guidance or suggestions regarding a program or Naturopath Holistic Doctor or Treatment center that has helped you and your loved one.
Diagnosis: schizoeffective - persistent persecutory delusions - diagnosed less than one year ago


I read that Dr ks Gopi ,Homeopathy, ( LINKEDIN) is helpful

Thank you…was an interesting read. Homeopathic care is almost more popular than modern medicine in India. If I ever find one that addresses all of the curable symptoms, I will arrange to go there with my loved one and give it a try. Thanks again for the suggestion.

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Look through the thread
Amyloban 3399
Should be helpful!

I am excited about the Amyloban 3399 - I also read your holistic approach and supplement/therapy list. I am looking for a Bay Area homeopath/naturopath doctor to guide us with the wonderful input from @naturallycured which I find incredibly hopeful. I did see you were interested in holistic treatment center and was perusing this place in Sedona. I don’t know a lot about it, but here is the link:
Best to you~

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Glad to help!

I’d put more stock in a naturopath than a homeopath. Homeopathy is a waste of money, there’s zero science to it. 100% placebo effect.

Also, antipsychotics and herbal remedies (including Amyloban 3399) are only bandaid solutions to the “oxidative impairment” state that the schizophrenic brain is in.

From, “Association of Oxidative Stress with Psychiatric Disorders.”

“When concentrations of both reactive oxygen species and reactive nitrogen species exceed the antioxidative capability of an organism, the cells undergo oxidative impairment. Impairments in membrane integrity and lipid and protein oxidation, protein mutilation, DNA damage, and neuronal dysfunction are some of the fundamental consequences of oxidative stress.”

This means that the only real solution to cure schizophrenia is to overcome oxidative impairment for long enough, and to eat fairly nourishing, non-problematic foods (like wheat, which increases zonulin, that makes the gut lining and blood-brain barrier more permeable, or soda, which is a huge oxidative stress source, for two quick examples), so that the brain is in a net healing state and can heal the permeable gut and blood brain barrier that are allowing the reactive oxidative species to reach the brain, causing oxidative stress, which the body mounts an inflammatory response to, which in turn causes a chemical imbalance, that manifests as schizophrenia.

So, in short, to cure schizophrenia, heal the gut lining and blood-brain barrier. Brain stops being attacked and becomes progressively more stress tolerant by the day.

My favourite antioxidant is hydrogen water at the moment, but I’m going to switch to a hydrogen inhaler machine for even faster recovery. That’s all I’m taking at the moment! My chronic headache is almost fully in control now and my symptoms are quite low, all from hydrogen water (first alkaline water, which works via dissolved hydrogen gas anyways, then switched to a hydrogen water machine.)

I don’t recommend that kind of singular approach, and I say if you have antipsychotics and supplements, use em. I’m trying to prove a point in putting my schizophrenia in remission with just hydrogen gas. It’s a cheap, free, super-effective antioxidant that I can’t find a single bad side effect for.

My theory is that, once I graduate from hydrogen water to the inhaler, 2 hours a day of inhaling small amounts of hydrogen gas should provoke enough healing to overcome the oxidative impairment state and heal my blood brain barrier and gut lining. Once I feel good enough, I’ll cut down to 1 hour a day, but I feel I have to do that for life to maintain the healing factor.

It’s basically free! Minus the few pennies in electricity it costs to generate the hydrogen gas, and the initial cost of the hydrogen inhaler. Also some distilled water.

Tons of studies on how useful it is.

Here’s one:

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Definitely keep us posted! Very exciting news. Thank you for the links, I will read all.

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For the record, I’m back on Amyloban 3399. Hydrogen water doesn’t work fast enough (still taking it though.) I’ll go off the Amyloban again when the inhaler comes in.

Good to hear - wish you well.
I just talk to my sister in Canada. They don’t deliver the inhaler product you recommended to US. So she will mail to me when delivered.

Very interesting, naturallycured. Thanks for the posts.

I’d read about oxidative impairment in the context of tardive dyskinesia (TD), but hadn’t realized there are indications that it may be involved in the development of schizophrenia symptoms.

Due to it’s antioxidative properties, I was pretty happy when my husband finally agreed to try taking melatonin for his ongoing sleep issues, as I figured it could only help with what looked to me (and turned out to be) the beginning of TD.

Sadly, he stopped taking it this spring when he started to relapse.

In his defense, we were both in agreement that it was no longer helping much (if at all) with his sleep issues. But I would have liked him to continue for the antioxidative effects :frowning:

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Thanks Linda for remembering Dr. K.S. Gopi, an internationally renown homeopathic that specializes in mental health. I connected with hom for my DD and his recommendation was perfect. She was prescribed Kali Phosphorus 6x (by NuAge homeopathic brand) three times a day for several months. What a relief for my DD who said she felt more normal than she had in five years. Find him on LinkedIn and his payment is 5000 rupees or $75, that included the cost of transfer though which is a sister company of PayPal. He will send you his banking information so you can input that into your transfer. I don’t get a penny for this recommendation, just the satisfaction of helping others get results like my daughter did.
We also tried which worked perfectly. B vitamins are super important as well as oils like flaxseed. Other brain supplements should always be considered. used to have a full list of supplements that are helpful, but last time I was on the site it wasn’t there anymore. B3 has great results and the amino acid sarcosine is great from
Hylands brand did nothing, NuAge brand worked in choosing brands of homeopathic purchases

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