What cured my family member

It has been a while since i last posted about how i, with help of alternative medicine, was able to have my daughter cured.

She was first diagnosed in 2014 after being rear ended. After 5 years of in and out of of mental hospitals.

Going to schizophrenia dot com, I used the supplements there to keep her level. They worked as good as pharmaceuticals as long as she took them every day.

She eventually quit taking them because she thought she was cured. This lead me to go to homeopathic medicine and the help of Dr. K.S. Gopi can be found on LinkedIn and he lives in India, and treats online.

After a short period of time he symptoms completely disappeared and now she is herself. No more negative symptoms of voices or seeing things. She works and has a normal life again.


That’s really inspiring to hear. Did you change her diet at all when you went the alternative route? Does she still take the supplements but a smaller dose as she’s healed?
I too went the alternative medicine route, and am seeing profound changes in my son after 1 1/2 months of a ketogenic diet, and taking supplements ( sarcosine, inositol, NAC, and a supplement for mitochondria health called energy needs by neuroneeds) he no longer talks about hallucinations.


Would you mind saying what kind of things Dr Gopi is doing for you daughter. Please, so glad you found help naturally. The meds the her Dr push for my daughter make it so she acts like she has a medical lobotomy and they calm but the symptoms are all still there plus feeling sick all the time from the side effects. And the weight gain a bloating is so hard on her.

Could you please let us know if Dr.Gopi followed the homeo treatment ? I am curious - like any other member here - since my family member is suffering from this condition for the past 5 years.
How do we contact Dr.Gopi?