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Voluntary treatment facility suggestions

We are hoping our 24yr son diagnosed schizoaffective will voluntarily go to a treatment facility. We live in N. California but will travel. He has been Med compliant only they aren’t working as well as expected and needs both support and structure to encourage independent life skills.

Does anyone have any suggestions or experiences they could possibly share? Also, if it can be covered by Kaiser, if possible. I’m looking into ‘New Roads Behavior’ in Provo, Utah.

We really appreciate all the families here that have shared their heartfelt experiences.

Is “New Roads Behavior” an outpatient program? Does he have a therapist and/or psychiatrist who can come alongside him to encourage him in the direction of getting helps?
Our daughters latest hospitalization was hard for her also. It was her therapist who convinced her to get an evaluation at the ER. She is now in an outpatient program so she can live in her own place while attending the program. Followup after hospitalization is extremely important!!!

I suggest you contact Kaiser to see if they cover the expenses. Thankfully this time our daughter had good insurance to cover her hospitalization and outpatient program. The first time she was without housing and on medicaid so her experience outside of the hospital wasn’t as good of a situation.