Losing patience

I’ve made a few posts about my brother in the past here and just thought I would give a bit of an update since he returned from his second trip to the hospital as I didn’t really go in depth about what basically happened. We had our trial to decide whether he would be staying at the hospital involuntarily and we lost as they decided that while he was surely diagnosed they didn’t feel like he was enough of a threat to us. Anyways since hes come back hes gone ahead and tricked me a few times, one situation where he asked to use a game device of mine which I’d owned since I was a kid only to discover the next day he had gone ahead and sold it. Since then hes come asking for another one which I decided to lie and say I did not have anymore.

Most recently in the past month or so he has gone to Montreal twice, where he has stated that he has found a job and a place to live there. Both times he has come back unannounced as the entire time he was there he refuses to contact us. First time he came back he said the people there was racist and he’d spent all his money on staying in a hotel, the second time he came back he stated no reason as to why. In total though he has gone there three times stating he will live there (once of his delusions is that he has to free canada and free quebec.) The last few days though I have started to grow more worried because while in the past he has shown signs of anger it seems as though it is starting to elevate and I’m not sure at which point I can call the police again.

He took a bible that he had been reading and ripped it all apart in his room, I had heard this happening because it had woke me early in the morning. I’ve heard him repeatedly banging in his closet very loudly. Hes been slamming all the doors he goes through and throwing things. Just today he slammed something in he floor of his room and went to the kitchen where he proceeded to start slamming his fists on the table multiple times.

He held a strong belief in Joan of Arc and religious things due to his current condition, but I’m not sure what could have happened in his mind to make him rip up the bible. I’m worried that something may occur soon maybe even this week. He’s getting worse and me and my family don’t have many options.

Does not sound good. Is there a crisis intervention team in your area? The hospital may know…
I would be worried sonce you say his anger is escalating. Not to scare you, but that happened with my son and it did not go down well. Also wondering if he is also abusing drugs…very common with MI. Stealing things-not telling the truth-that sounds suspcious…

I’m guessing that he is still not taking medications.

While it doesn’t sound like your brother is doing very well it doesn’t sound like he is bad enough for involuntary admittance, yet. I too would be concerned that he is using street drugs. Have you tried to talk to him about his negative behavior/actions? Perhaps it is something that he can control if he was told that he had to. If you feel that either yourself or your family is in danger then call the police or preferable a crisis intervention team.