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Loud screams


Just wondering if anyone has experienced their loved ones screaming in their sleep. The scream that came from my son’s bedroom was so loud that I was scared that he was awake. But when I ran upstairs to his room he was fast a sleep and I went close to him ,no eye movements. He didn’t move. The reason I am asking this is because my son has paranoid schizophrenia and has stopped taking medications. I am not sure if he was dreaming OR something scared him to scream so loud. Any answers?


An old roomie told me that I yell in my sleep. Not sure if it still happens now that I’m medicated, as I’m living on my own now… The neighbors do look at me strangely, though, so maybe they have overheard something? :confused:


I guess it could be vivid dreaming or even night terrors. I know this usually applies to children but I’m guessing it could apply here as well.


@Erratica , Thanks for the info. This was the first time I heard my son scream. My son did have involuntary screams when he first came to live with us while awake. They came suddenly from no where so the first 15 months I went to college with him and sat in the lobby. He felt better knowing I was there in case he needed someone.
@BarbieBF , Thanks for the link. I read it and it did say it happens to children. He might have some fear still. That is what my guess is. But We will let the psychiatrist know. I hope your son is doing OK.


I used to scream, yell, thrash, cry, etc in my sleep.
I do hope your son is fine.


When C. was living with his girlfriend-long time ago-she told me that he would sometimes yell and tremble in his sleep. I don`t know if he does that now.


Thanks @Peavy for your concerns. He didn’t know that he had screamed. All is well for now.
@bridgecomet , Hope C is better now.
Thanks again. For now things look OK. I am home and I watch him since he is not on medication. It’s been over 2 months. Keeping my fingers crossed. Sending you all positive thoughts and warm hugs.


You are welcome.


Prayers out to u and your family Lenora11…


@pattywagon1 , Thanks for your kind words. How are you and how are things with you? I had not been on the forum for awhile and now I am back again. Sending you warm hugs and positive thoughts.


Everything is ok for now Lenora11 …My son was living with us for a bit and decided to go back off meds again so I had to put him in long-term care facility for awhile on a program. It’s really hard when he stays on meds for 1-2 months after getting out of hospitals and then back in again over and over…I am his temporary conservator and I have to just keep him in for awhile so he can stay on meds and be safe for awhile. I hope you guys r doing ok and sending lots of prayers patience and strength over to u and your family!


@pattywagon1 , sending you love and positive thoughts. You are doing everything you can to have safe place for your son. Hang in there.