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Love letters from diagnosed family member, what to do?

Hello, I am new to this forum and would really appreciate help from more experienced people. My husband has been receiving love letters from a diagnosed schizophrenic cousin of his, on and off, for years now. They were never close together and his response so far has been to take no action. I know she has isolated herself from everybody around her, yet she reaches out to two people (my husband being one of them) by sending love letters. I read some of the letters and it seems to me that she feels lonely. Does anyone know of a good way to help? Would seeking contact cause more harm than help, considering she is explicitly hoping for a romantic relationship?

What about some rational letter that you and your husband craft and send it to her? Something like he is happily married and suggests she use a dating service or something to find a partner and that he’d like for her to stop sending him the letters.

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Thank you for your advice.