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Love when you come back (just my feelings)

Love you my son,
always think of you my son
not a day goes by ,
without thinking about you
I love when you feel good my son;
my heart breaks for you my son.
I wish I could take this pain away,
I feel so sad to see you this way;
I want to take this away
because you don’t deserve
to live this way,
I would trade you in a heartbeat
that is how much I love u…
I pray, I hope, I love u
my son
come back for a little moment my sweet son,
I love to see you laugh,
and enjoy life for a moment
love when you come back
love when you come back
wishing you can stay with us for a little longer.
I miss you my son,
your smile your awesome laugh
I will wait till you come back again
hoping you will stay with us a little longer next time
and enjoy life even if it is for a moment,
Love when you come back my son.
I want you to feel better,
Hope you come back soon
Hope you realize someday you can stay with us for awhile longer…
Love when you come back
Love when you come back

I had a father once, it’s been awhile since i had a father, i can hardly remember what it was like, im like gollum down in the cave talking to the evil spirit in the ring, i’ve forgotten the taste of trees and the sound of bread.

We’re not coming back, we’re moving on to bigger and better things, don’t look back, you’ll turn into salt, and you can’t be a pillar made of salt now can you, salt can’t hold anything up.

I look forward to meeting him the second time my father.

Very nice…

That’s so beautiful!


Please don’t forget to take care of yourself as well as you do your son.
There is nothing better than to have a mom still around when one gets better. I know this from experience. My greatest joy now is to make my mom happy.