Sometime we get a reminder

Just when you drop your guard, BAM!! My son has been doing so well and I am so proud of him wanting his own place, and I guess I go into denial and think he is well… Yesterday we were sitting on the deck and he said ,I keep thinking they will come back and help me… I was shocked but tried not act like I was I said no one is going to come back to help you, You will have to help your self… Now the some one is the CIA…God it’s so hard watching this and having him look for someone that really never was…Heart Broken Mom

I think you did well. You kept your calm, you listened and you just talked to him. I do have my own place and a job and I still get hit with delusional thinking. He’s waiting for someone who isn’t coming, but that’s not to say he’s going to put all his other goals on hold.

Just reassure him that it’s time for him to help himself… like you did, and help talk him through the thinking process. He’ll need some some help learning how to recognize delusions. Once he learns that, it will be easier for him to get past the sneaky braining thinking and keep going.

He’s still doing very well.

There are times when my son says something and it makes me think that perhaps we are not making the progress I thought we were. At the same time though I need to remember that everything takes time and also that the memory of an experience doesn’t change when stability happens. He has lost some close ‘friends’. He has you :smile:

we have each other and I love him with all my heart… I want him to be happy and have friends, its hard to watch him stay home all the time He told me the reason he hide is people make fun of me because of his weight…I think it’s his fear of loosing me… that haunts him everyday…I wish he could get past that ,but he brings it up a lot…That’s why he wants his own place because when I die it… will be easier on him …Still can’t figure that one…I just cant understand why I think he is well because he is stable …I guess its wishful thinking…