Meds all wrong , are there any right ones


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We are not getting mad, we are exhausted, heartbroken and grieving for the life he should have.
I go in and lie with my son at times till he falls asleep.
We had my husband mother have dementia for 10 yrs and we know what a brain illness is like.

We are exhausted, yes tomorrow is a new day.
I still think as a human I too should be excused and maybe told a bit more sensitive advice.

I love him more than life but yes am tired, hubby is tired surely we can sound off here at times.
I’m human and it’s tough being blamed and said false things about, yes I know it’s illness but it’s more helpful when people are constructive.


Me and my husband are… human…


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Ok , I’m new to the “illness”


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I’m sorry you are all going through it too.


You will not find a more understanding group of folks. We truly have been where you are now. As time goes on, you will learn what helps and what doesn’t help. My husband is loud and has learned to tamp that down a few decibels. I’m overprotective and I have learned that this doesn’t always produce the best results.
Just today I corrected myself as I was internally complaining of all the cleaning I was doing. There are things we can change (get help) and things we cannot do. (Cure this horrible illness)
I love my son despite his illness but I can’t give up my life to take care of him. Having other interests are so important for survival.


On the OP, the meds that help are different for every person with the illness.

Generally tried first are olanzapine, risperdal, possibly geodon. In Europe, possibly amisulpride. The “first fail” medications are based on both cost and effectiveness, generally lower cost and higher efficacy for those who respond to the meds.

Then the rest, both first and second generation APs. Our doctor did suggest fluphenazine as a good option since that also comes in injectable form.

Clozapine after none of the above work.

@Jane57, it sounds like you are really doing your best. I have also read that a calm, low-stress, low-pressure environment is helpful, but a person with active symptoms of psychosis can be agitated and extremely stressed. These pressures are caused by the disease and generally affect everyone around the person who is suffering so deeply. I have yelled at my son during his terrible psychosis; I feel awful about this. I know not to. I haven’t done it for a long, long time, but I did, not because I wanted to, but because I was also under extreme stress and lost control of my behavior.


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Two homes, aren’t you lucky ! we all live in a small uk Home less than 1000 sq ft
Nearest family are my parents 150 miles away .

I take exception saying my hubby needs to grow up. Wish you knew him he’s a lovely caring dad.
It’s ok for you to swear on here though? And yet hubby shows his frustration.
I think some perceived this wrong my hubby shouts yes but nothing, he wouldn’t harm a fly , he swears out of frustration yes he’s human .

Just to add son actually doesn’t hear most of it, it’s ME who does. .

Also not quite sure what the relevance or importance of the photo of you is putting it on here I mean.


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Your not annoying me, am not blocking you, I don’t let people like you annoy me :grinning: I am supposed to be grateful for your apology… erm keep it LOL.

You know what quality I like in people, people who can see others point of view rather than their own just. Have a nice weekend, son off to football with his Dad Now , so that’s all good .

We have a lot of support systems here , men’s groups , hobbies for men carers etc, wish you had something like that I honestly do.


Keep posting if it helps you lol.


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Sorry, missed this one somehow. At night we would run loud fans in our bedroom to block out the pacing and the rest. During the day, I retreated to my bedroom with fans and television on while I worked. They were easier sounds to block out than Jeb, and it gave him space too.

We took up golf. It’s not expensive on a nearby local course as long as you walk instead of taking a cart. Walking takes longer and the two of us could have total away time

We spent weekends away at our other’s son’s home. We still try to get away at least one weekend a month. Does us a world of good.

Sometimes they do better with less contact from their parents. Your son might resist living somewhere else at first. I think we have to think about everyone’s needs, our own included.


Thanks Hope, that’s sounds helpful. I get the “drowning “ out sounds.
I actually often go to my room and watch Netflix or I follow blogs~Vlogs of folk online that I enjoy.
It’s good you get away often too.
We did have a holiday in th US in September while son stayed with grandparents , which was good.

Thanks for your input.


Believe me we have tried everything, we offered to pay even, he does actually still annoy soccer so off he has gone today to a local game with his dad. Anything else it’s like getting blood out from a stone to get him motivated lol.


Jane57, I feel your pain. I was in your shoes for many years, and my son refused to take any pills to help his situation. He thought he was some kind of evil being, and he enjoyed it. He had turned into a monster, and it seemed as though everything I had done to try and help him was a waste of precious time and money. My daughter had suggested a couple of years ago that I take him to a holistic healer, and I dismissed that idea because I thought that would just be nonsense, and I needed to get him some real ‘professional’ help. Well, all of those ‘professionals’ let me and my son down. He was only getting worse and worse as time moved on.

I finally took him to this holistic person about 3 months ago, and I sure wish I would have listened to my daughter when she first brought this idea to me. From the time she told me about holistic healing until just before my sons Zyto body reading, he was on the brink of either going to jail, or ending up in an early grave. I was crushed not knowing what to do anymore or where to go. He’d been to 2 separate mental hospitals, of which both were a huge waste of time and money. I had taken him to numerous psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, life coaches, even went so far as to take him to a voodoo lady in New Orleans because he was seeing evil entities all around him all day and night. It’s been exhausting.

So what I have found out through a brain spec scan at the Amen Clinic in Reston VA (very costly!!!) along with the holistic healer (affordable!!!), was that he had been exposed to toxic black mold early in life - elementary school - and was highly sensitive to molds. He was given Modifilan, a brown seaweed extract, which in time pulls toxins like black mold out of the body. The holistic healer read his entire body through a Zyto body scan, and found he still needed to get the remainder of the molds out of his body, he had heavy metals, pesticides, viruses, chemicals, bacteria, etc. This test even reads emotions. When I had this done for myself, my emotions were off the charts! Probably because of my experience with him.

Anyway, if your son does not want to take, for instance, the Modifilan capsule, I would open it up and sprinkle it in his food just to get the detox started. It’s only brown seaweed extract, and will not harm him, only help him. My son was taking 4 capsules each day, and he really liked how he began to feel. Going to the holistic healer was the best thing for him though. He tells me everyday now how good he feels, and he actually has TWO JOBS!!! I am so happy for him. We still have a long way to go with his recovery, because he was sick for so many years, and I believe he may have some brain damage from the mold that was just sitting on his brain.

Oh, he also had terrible acne, and the detox cleared his skin up!

Here is what the holistic healer prescribed to him, for his specific ailments:

Neuro Tox 3x a day - 1/2 dropper under the tongue
MycoPlasma Tox 3x a day - 1/2 dropper under the tongue
Preguenolone 25 - 1 full dropper under the tongue in the AM

I sincerely hope this will be of some help to you and your son…good luck!


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