Meds all wrong , are there any right ones


Jane57 - So glad I brightened your day. I don’t understand people, especially those on here, who are going through the same things we are, being the slightest bit cruel. We are here to hold each other up. There are times that this forum is the only thing that kept me together. I sometimes wonder why certain folks are allowed to be on here when their input seems to be largely negative and brings others down.

Anyhow, stay strong and know you have a friend in your corner anytime!


You are so kind Lisa thank you so much. Likewise .


Thanks for this info!!. We are utilizing an Ayurvedic practitioner and gluten-free, casein free diet, many supplements, including very good effect for negative symptoms. Son is probably delusional but only let me know this one day this week.
I will check into your info. So glad that you have found a way through this for you and your son!! Best wishes.


I agree 100% on that!
Some people r just cruel individuals and i suspect with scz family member or not thy would still hav nothing positive to say. I feel bad for the family members with scz that only hav people lik that in their lives.


I appreciate your efforts to understand, find some sense in all this and to move with your son in the directions he is willing to go, and your relationship takes you. I think it is essential to do that. thank you for sharing your experience!!


HI LisaS ~ I wondered the same thing about the cruel responses, having been on the receiving end myself. I suspect at least one of those individuals actually does have scz himself, so I try to be more understanding of his comments. I don’t like the comments, but I believe this person is suffering and fed up with nothing working for him.


I actually wondered that too.


I am soooo sorry for your stresses and pain. I do understand. (more than you can imagine).

Never apologize for speaking truth here. This is your “safe zone”… this site!!!

I know you are suffering… I also know your son is also suffering.

When your loved one has Schizophrenia and the torment rages in his mind. (Its a “family” thing)

I now know and have enough insight that I know my parents suffered with fear and helplessness. Watching me suffer in such a tormented way. We all were in such pain back then. Life was a BATTLE. the fights and the arguing seemed to NEVER end.

As for meds? I can suggest a few. (that i was on when my mind cleared)

  1. Invega (once a month injection) or (Risperdal injection) --Every two weeks injection.
    They put me on the Invega after the Risperdal That was the drug i was on AFTER the risperdal injection. Invega was the drug that WORKED!!!
  2. ABILIFY!!! (the miracle drug)
  3. Ambien (Sleep)

And that is the “MIRACLE” that worked for me. Feb 25, 2010 …i just came back into clarity.

Hope this helps someone out there!!!

Good Luck…and God Bless you all!!!

PS…it took MONTHS for the med’s to work. It wasn’t an INSTANT cure. I had to take the injection for months. Then within 5 days of the ABILIFY, my mind had cleared. It took about 7-8 months, till my brain would …“clear”…and life could resume.


I wanted to mention that there is a protocol called “the Walsh Protocol” that your earlier messages of using detoxification reminded me of. I have been in touch with a psychiatrist who uses it, sounds like it rebalances through supplements. I will be learning more about it through a psychiatrist who utilizes it. Thanks for being part of this forum.


Thank you so much for the information. So happy that you found out what is happening and how to help. We are definitely in the dark ages when it comes to illness of the brain. They are really just throwing darts in the dark and seeing what hits. In years to come I believe we will find instances like these that have affected our kids. It is a really good idea to try a holistic specialist and I am going to look for one in our area. I wonder if what is working for your son would work for different individuals. How did the Amen clinic help with this? I have considered going there but it would be most of our savings and that really scares me. So happy for you and your son! You give us all hope. Thank you.


I had become so warn out with having to deal with my sons illness on a daily basis, and none of the ‘professionals’ he’d been seeing were of any help at all. Your statement about these folks throwing darts in the dark is an excellent description. At least with the Amen Clinic my son and I were able to finally look at his brain activity to see what was truly going on (at around $4,000!!!). We were shown what a ‘normal’ brain looks like, and then we were shown his brain activity. His brain lit up like a Christmas tree. I was horrified. My poor son had all of this stuff going on in his brain that was completely out of his control. I must say that it was a relief for the both of us to see this image. For years he wouldn’t completely open up to anyone because ‘they’ (the demons in his head) were telling him he wasn’t allowed to talk to anyone. It wasn’t until that very visit that I had heard about this. I was so devistated for him, yet I felt like we were finally on the right track for treatment. His doc at the Amen Clinic suggested that what they were looking at was Toxic Black Mold exposure, and asked if I would like to order a test for that. Of course I would! At an additional $750!!! Apparently there is only one laboratory in the US that conducts this test, which is located in Texas. So, the test did come back positive for Toxic Black Mold exposure, and he was prescribed Modifilan to clean his body and brain of this toxin. Modifilan is simply brown seaweed extract. That’s it. Something that can be purchased online for a mere $26.29. I try to tell as many people as I can about my sons experience to not only help them with their situation, but to also save someone else the high expense of all of these tests. Had I known about the benefits of holistic healers (which I must admit, my daughter tried to get me to take my son to for years, but I thought it was hogwash), my son might have been spared brain damage, which I believe he has now due to all of the toxins he’d been carrying around for so many years (about 17 years or so). I’m sure he wasn’t only suffering from the Toxic Black Mold, but probably from vaccines as well. And I believe the mold exposure was from one of his schools. My son is sensitive to molds, and several other toxins. Would’ve been a blessing to know this when he was a young boy. Had I known, I would have given him a good detox from time to time to rid his body of those toxins. I highly encourage anyone with a family member who has any type of mental illness to seek a holistic healer who has the ZYTO body scan in their possession. This scan only takes minutes while the healer is speaking to you, and all that needs to be done is to place the hand on what’s called a cradle, looks like a computer mouse, and it reads your entire body. Technology is awesome. I hope this helps…


My daughter was diagnosed 4 years ago. She hates the way meds make her feel so she wit taking them and used to use sarcosine instead every day, which made her pretty normal. It is a natural supplement, a type of amino acid that can be ordered from They make it to taste sweet and can be added to drinks. Now that she isn’t on anything she spends a lot of time doing nothing and is convinced that she is healed. She is liking how she feels though and isn’t feeling stuck or suicidal, which is how all of the meds made her feel. Hopefully soon she will get back on the sarcosine, but i have to figure out a way to convince her to get back on it. She is 28 years old


Kelly - I had purchased the sarcosine, mainly for my husband (bipolar) thinking it might help his largely depressive state. I keep forgetting to have him put it in a beverage. That is so encouraging that it helped your daughter. I will put it out on the counter and give it a go to see what results we get with it. I’ll check back in a few months and hope we have something good to report. I’m glad your daughter is feeling well. It’s remarkable that she is doing so well with no meds. That is wonderful! Blessings to you and yours!