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Mensah Medical live webinar April 20, 2017

I thought this might be of interest to the group. My son is a patient of Dr. Bowman.

What are we really saying when we use the term, “mental health”?
Mental Health
According to Dr. Mensah, the term “mental health” is misleading, directing us to focus on a largely psychological - as opposed to biological - basis for mental conditions like depression, bipolar disorder, autism and ADD/ADHD.

For his next live webinar on Thursday, April 20th, “Mental Health: Fact or Fiction?”, Dr. Albert Mensah will explain why it is important to understand a patient’s chemistry to treat the root cause of their mental condition. He will also discuss what makes Mensah Medical’s biochemical healing protocols uniquely effective in conjunction with and relative to talk therapy and prescription medications.

This eye-opening discussion is great for existing Mensah Medical patients and anyone curious about Mensah Medical’s philosophy and drug-free approach.

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April 20th

5pm Pacific / 7pm Central / 8pm Eastern

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Dr. Albert Mensah, MD

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I went on last night and listened to the webinar. The psychiatrists are not familiar with ortho molecular medicine. One just pretty much said to use your common sense but it couldn’t hurt. He’s been on nutrients for about a month. Unlike his AP meds he does take his vitamins. He refused his monthly shot and is slowly deteriorating.

Are you just skeptical or do you know something that I don’t about Mensah Medical and Dr. Walsh’s life work?

I’m ALWAYS skeptical when a clinic is heavily marketed online. I’ve been on this site off and on for about 15 years and have seen promotors who claim to have answers come and go and yes I have bought into misguided or worse charlatans claims on this site --not promoted by —but rather folks who are opportunist looking to make a buck from desperate advocates and the suffering of mentally ill family members. Ugh! I hate to see desperate parents get hurt by these self promoters – been there done that.

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Well desperate parent does pretty much describes me today. Thank you for your concern.