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Nutritional Paychiatry

This is a new approach to treating mental illness I am hoping gains momentum and becomes mainstream. Here is a podcast episode featuring one doctor’s perspective. He mostly talks about depression but does get into schizophrenia close to the end. He is a psychiatrist.

He also has a few books on Amazon, one is titled Eat Complete. Even though I’ve been focusing on eating well, I am enlightened even more from this book.

Personally, this video might possibly help me to be able to use nutritional intervention for my own mental health issues since dealing with my daughter’s schz since Mar 2016. Her refusal to medicate, my own failures at helping her, time lost at work, my other relatives’ social distance from me since I’ve been taking care of her… I’m not the same happy go-lucky parent I used to be… no where near. I can’t really get my daughter on board with letting me feed her properly or take supplements, but you woke me up to the fact that I need to do this for myself.