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More than a pill

It saddens me that anything that hasn’t come from a pharmaceutical company is often dismissed as ineffective, if not quackery. It also heartens me that some doctors are starting to change their minds.

I read a magazine for ADHD and there are many articles about how nutrition affects this… Very important is Omega-3 fatty acids…
Also read this is important in connection with schizophrenia.

My son has done his own research. I expect him to stay med-compliant but support his wish to try additional things to help his mental health. He doesn’t really have much insight, but he takes Omega-3s and Lecithin, and has recently shown interest in CBD.

I know from repeated experience that certain things - specifically the combination of things in energy drinks such as Red Bull - have an ill effect on him and I discourage him from consuming those.

Yes, it does take time to research and understand everything. . Just because it’s not a drug doesn’t mean it’s safe. I am hopeful that as more is known, it will be easier for everyone to find what works for them.