Mental Health Care in Massachusetts

We are from another state but may be moving to Massachusetts when we retire to be closer to one of our adult children. We have another child, age 26, who is receiving services for Schizophrenia, has SSI, and lives with us. She is doing very well but can not work. We would like our daughter
to come with us to Mass. if we should retire and move there. Does anyone know what the mental health system is like in Massachusetts?

I remember we once had a member move from the northwest to Massachusetts because the mental health treatment there is outstanding. Sorry if this is vague, but it’s all I know.

I’m uncertain, but I just want to wish you and your family well, I’m from Massachusetts, and it’s such a beautiful state! I only lived there from birth to 18, and saw three therapists, and they were all good. I had never seen a psychiatrist or received meds while in MA though. Everyone had free healthcare, don’t know how it is now though. Are you moving to Western, central, or eastern Massachusetts? Good luck!

A good place to start might be

(NAMI the Massachusetts branch… )

They would know what resources is out there… docs… hospitals… support groups… It’s always a good place to start when searching for resources in a new area.

Yeah, I’ve lived in Massachusetts for like greater than 30 years. Actually, I don’t travel a whole lot to know to what to compare this part of Massachusetts. I’m of the opinion that Western Society doesn’t treat the mentally ill very well.


Thank you very much to all of you for responding. Your links give me a good place to start my research.

Massachusetts does not have Assisted Outpatient Treatment Laws in place - See Treatment Advocacy Center. Mental Illness is criminalized in Massachusetts, with Severely Mentally Ill criminally being charged with felonies for struggling during restraints and during transports by police for mental health evaluations. A nightmare of court forensic evaluation at Bridgewater State Hospital/Prison ensues, followed by a court hearings, ridiculous probation, etc.

In addition, DMH contracts out to service providers to run group home for Severely Mentally Ill. These homes are often poorly run, extremely unsupervised, to the point of dangerousness. So if you are dealing with Severe Mental Illness, Massachusetts is not a good choice.

I live in Connecticut and we have lots of services but the price of living here is high so we have few schizophrenics. Take care.