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Supporting a partner whose parent lives with Schizophrenia

Hello all,
My apologies if this isn’t the place to post the following questions but am coming up short on resources.

I am currently in a relationship with someone whose parent lives with schizophrenia.
I am wanting to be as supportive and present as I possibly can. My default so far is listening with empathy, being patient, making tea, asking what he needs and educating myself about the disease and its impacts on adult children.

For people whose parent(s) live with or lived with schizophrenia, what was helpful or unhelpful for you in your relationship with your partner/spouse? What was supportive, helping you to heal along your recovery journey?

Thank you in advance.


You are doing wonderful things so far! I don’t have personal experience like this with a parent but I can suggest the NAMI Family to Family (no cost) 8 week class if one is offered in your area from time to time.