Missing relative with SZA

Hey all; my mom has sza and stayed with me for awhile (a little under a year), decided to be homeless for awhile, and then moved in with my dad; he’s moving so he let her know that she has to go - she left his house 6 days ago (not sure where she went, she doesn’t have a working phone, and I haven’t heard from her.)

She has an adoptive mother who’s willing to house her and her birth mother is also willing to house her (and has an entire apartment available for her…) I’m not sure if she’ll go to either of those places, or where in the world she went. She mentioned coming to me in upstate NY, but I would’ve expected to hear from her by now.

Does anyone have tips on how to locate someone when you have no idea where they are?

She was hospitalized (unfortunately they did nothing) multiple times in the past year during her stint of homelessness, but the only way I found out was by calling local police departments which eventually got me in touch with her court-appointed lawyer who pointed me in the right direction. I have no idea how I can find her if I don’t have a starting point of local PD to call… and I want to know how she is, what’s happening, and for her to know that I’m here for her.

(So far, I’ve called local PD and hospitals in the areas she’s most likely to be in, but no one I’ve called has any recent record of interaction with her)

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Im sorry you are dealing with this
so scary to not know where our vulnerable loved ones are.
when my brother has been mia
I call all local hospitals /behavioral health centers inpatient.
When he was on the street I kept tabs by getting contacts at the local shelter when he became to paranoid to be there I would call the places where he might go to eat like st vincents where they would serve meals .
I would give his info and they would watch out to see if he showed up.
My Dad searched him down multiple times in the streets like camps but he was local .
Im far away like you .
I so hope your mom can make it to you or her moms house .
thats great there is a place waiting for her.