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Mom being accused of sexual abuse by mentally ill adult son

I am a hurting mother of a 38 year old male who has be estranged from family for 3 years. My son argues by himself as if there were other people inside him. He has every behavior that points to severe psychosis. He jumped me and my husband recently. He was taken to the hospital and was released just 3 weeks after. I myself have fallen in major depression because of my concern for my son. I finally found him, but during 3 days that I spent near him, his language was a lot of sexual content. The worse feeling in the world is to be accused of sexually molesting my son. It has to be horrible to live thinking this is a reality for him, when I would never do such a horrible thing. Is there any mother out there that has dealt with this? Why would a mentally ill adult, wrongly accuse of all people, their mother? Please help me understand.

My son doesn’t accuse us, but he’s had false memories of having sex with teachers, therapists, celebrities, etc at all kinds of ages.

For him, it’s a pleasant delusion.

However, I’ve heard numerous people who’ve been accused of molestation by adult, mentally ill children. Unfortunately for everyone, it’s a common delusion.

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Thank you for sharing your experience with this. It’s so unreal, so sad, so difficult.