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Mother of a young man with schizophrenia - Avoid Amen Clinic - not helpful

Hello everyone!

I am the mother of a young man who is now 23 years old, and he was diagnosed with schizophrenia last year after I took him to the Amen Clinic in Reston Virginia for a SPEC brain scan.

The scan revealed that he probably had toxic black mold exposure, and that a test to be positive of this would cost an additional $700 and insurance wouldn’t cover it due to the fact that it is considered to be experimental.

The scan itself cost me almost $4,000.00. I am here to help others avoid this costly treatment.

My daughter had been trying to persuade me for a few years now to take my son to a holistic healer to get a body reading. I thought it was hocus pocus, and wouldn’t help him at all. I was wrong, and I wasted a lot of my time, my sons time, he could’ve been in jail by now or dead due to his disturbing behavior.

So I finally gave in and made the appointment, and we were seen the very next day! The holistic healer only cost $150 for the body scan, and she stated that she didn’t believe he had schizophrenia at all. She gave him several bottles of detox which he was to take for about one month. Each bottle cost around $26. My son took his drops daily as he was supposed to, and I haven’t seen him doing this well since he was around 10 years old!!!

My son had large amounts of metals, molds, parasites, bacteria, fertilizer, and a few other things that the detox was able to remove from his body. I can now understand him, and I haven’t seen him ‘lose it’ since before he began his detox. He has bad acne too, and the detox cleared his skin up!!! Apparently some of the toxins he was holding onto were causing his acne because his body wasn’t able to get rid of those toxins, so that was how they were coming out. Oh, he had fatty tumors as well due to those toxins.

Our environment, in my opinion, plays a huge part in our behavior, and health. The ZYTO body scan saved my sons life! I hope my message will help someone else here…

Good luck to all, and hang in there! Don’t give up on your loved ones. Help is available, and is very affordable. You’ll be amazed what a simple detox can do for a persons mind and body.

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Yes - many people have questioned the ethics of Dr. Amen related to his unproven claims around this technology - here is the coverage of it in Wikipedia:

I’m so happy you helped. Your son. My daughter. Has schitzoprenia also… I went through. Hell. Both of. Us.

I don’t trust. Medical. Drs etc…prescriptions are so bad. They don’t help…they make it worse. . my daughter is off meds… I did research turnsout Dr. Abram Hoffa . cured many patients over. 50 yrs. In Canada . Saskatchewan University…WTH vitamens and natural unprocessed foods …the UK. And Canada are so far of ahead of USA …Ortho molecuar medicine. We need to stop pharmaceutical. Companies.

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