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Mother with Psychosis


A little backstory: My mom has been suffering from Psychosis for the past 23 years of my life (I’m 23) and now that I’m older, I was finally able to help my father get her help. Unfortunately, the county that I live in, and the state that I live in is just trash with mental health, and the way to get her help was so traumatizing. After she was hospitalized for a week (her first time being away from any of us, or being alone), she was finally taking meds - zoloft and risperidone.
However, she stopped taking them about 2 weeks ago (so she was on them for 5 months). Throughout that time, I really repaired my relationship with her, and she trusts me a lot more. She has tremendously improved. A few examples:

  1. I call her and she doesn’t pick up. In the past - “Who did this to my phone? I always pick up” (even though she never did). Now - “Oh. Maybe it was on do not disturb mode?”
  2. We go shopping anywhere, and she never ever says that someone is following us, or anything like that
  3. Just other things. She’s doing so much better.

A few things I don’t think I’ll ever be able to help her with:

  1. She thinks all of her family is here hiding from her. All of them are still in India, and we are the only people here.
  2. She thinks she’s been working the past 20 years and someone took her money. She has never worked a day in her life. She has a masters’ in history and just never got to use it.

I guess what I need help with:
I’m moving in two months across the country. I need my mom to open a checking account. I don’t think I’ll ever get her to do that - because that results in the question of “well where is the money going to come from? your dad? how does he get his money? his job? he doesn’t have a job. I have a job. and I still don’t know where that money is.”
Do I just give her a debit card with my name on it, and tell her she has x amount to spend a week? Any advice from any children who are taking care of their parents?

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Consider prepaid debit cards. There are several options. You don’t need a bank account to open one. You can get them for children, so I suppose you can get one for a third party. You can reload by direct deposit, ACH transfer and various other ways.

I can’t help you on explaining where the money comes from. Good luck.

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Any gas station, pharmacy, etc…
Prepaid card.