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Moving out no plans where

Well after 72 inc …he refused treatment. Now hes right back mumbling and talking to himself…accusing me of just about anything if he feels strange it’s my doing etc.
He went and got a storage room and took everything off of the walls. Filled a moving truck and never went to bed last night. I saw him this morning and he said that he almost fell asleep while driving and almost hit another car. He thinks that he is going to buy a house or live on the wilderness. This is so upsetting and I can’t stop it. Nobody can do anything. I worked so hard to get him the place where he is currently. His family threw him out years ago and he wasn’t half as bad as he is now so I know for sure they wont help him now. There are waiting lists… sometimes months for other apartments. He is just going to throw it away. It’s and affordable ugh!!! I had to pack my things which was very hard too!!!

I am so sorry Laz, I have felt your frustration, its terribly, horribly frustrating when we get them set up with something that works and the illness makes them throw it away. Heartbreaking.

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So very sorry to hear this. I hope he has a moment of clarity and changes his mind

Me too. It’s my place to but not legally.

I’m watching all of this happen and I can’t stop it. It used to be my place for calmness but that was a long time ago.

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When our son disappeared between apartment lease agreements, and never moved into the new apartment, he eventually set up an auto-pay out of his bank account (funded with money he inherited from a grandparent) and paid the apartment lease for a few months. When that account closed (he spent much of the money and I spent the remainder for his benefit after I obtained guardianship), we continued to pay his apartment lease so that his friends (whom he leased the apartment with) would not have to suffer. But the journey has continued and he is back in our lives and we are doing what we can to help him get the help he needs!

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I wish that I could afford it. I would keep it because I know he would end up here since the other option is his car. On upstate New York summer or good weather is a very short season. Then what??? He is to gullible and someone might take advantage of him.

I have been in that situation. I understand how fearful it is. Stay in touch as best you can. You can even ask him to get a P.O. box if he really does not have a place to stay. If you know where he is, if needed, you can get in touch with the local crisis intervention teams, hospitals, or homeless shelters. I believe NAMI has some good information about what to do when your loved one is homeless. Our loved one eventually came back home, but it was not something I could make him do. He just did it.

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It’s so depressing that it had to come to this. I partially blame the health care system. So many people slip through the cracks and it’s all so unnecessary.


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