He is wanting to get his own place

well just want to post an update… things have kind of stood still here for awhile,he is staying on his meds and seems happy to just watch TV and cook, tonight we talked he said he has been thinking of trying to get an apt where people on disability live ,I was surprised, but more surprised at his reason ,He said when I die he could not afford this place. I guess you have to have a reason to talk about moving…I want him to get his won place and make friends. I worry,but that’s just me…but we have come so far now… will keep ya’ll posted…

i hope it works out…sounds like everything is on the right track…wishing you the best in finding the perfect apartment…good thinking…check with social services in your area…they might beable to assist in this area…keep us informed

Yeah, I went the supported housing route for several years. It was not that bad. My schizophrenia was bad but the situation was OK. I shared a house with two or three other schizophrenics. We were on our own but we had a counselor who was on call for emergencies for 24 hours a day. We all met with our counselor once a week for any problems or complaints we were having. We were responsible for keeping the house clean and keeping the yard presentable. We did all our own shopping.

I was in a group home for a bit, There were 10 of us guys, the place was in good shape, one caregiver lived on site, docs would be around a lot. I’ll be honest, at first I hated it, but I have to admit, I grew up a lot while there.

Living with other people on disability might be a good thing. Personally I would like to have had the chance to do that. I think the environment might have been supportive. But then I didn’t want to take my medication and some hostels insist on that.

well another step made today…he worked in the yard with me and finally he put on his watch. He sent it away in Dec to be cleaned and has had it on his dresser today he put it on and was so proud of it…i know it might seem like a trivial thing but it’s a big step for him…