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MTHFR Get your child tested asap

as my son passed away so early at (24) and we had just learned he had this Mutation. I feel very strongly know that I need to help other mothers to find out about this mutation in the very early stage of life so they have some knowledge to find help and deal with this with the right Drs. Iā€™m going to figure out how to get this more noticed and more addressed in the medical field and not just the psyc. when its WAY TO LATE


So sorry for your loss. Thanks for spreading the word.
I noted your other post:

ā€œ What your describing goes along with the MTHFR Gene Mutation. With this mutaion there is a deficiency in folate & choline and some other vit . You can be tested for this and what is usually prescribed is a methylated b vitamins and life stlye changes. They say 30 to 40% of the population has this mutions some have it and show no signs of MI and some do show extreme signs such as in BP and SZ and autism.

The story remeinds me of a family I went to High school with.( Catholic ) 6 girls and 4 developed SZ in their late 20ā€™s. My friend who was the youngest of them developed it after her 2nd child was born. She was around 24. She was pretty sick for many years but at around the age of 40 she found the right medication mix and started taking better care of herself and is doing very well now. Her daughters (she has 3) have not shown any signs of sz but she does worries about them.ā€