Diagnosis of mthfr - a mutated chromosome

Myself, daughter, and granddaughter has been diagnosed with mthfr, a mutated chromosome. My son has been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and has been living with me for 10 years now. (I am 79 years old). My granddaughter I believe is diagnosed with bi-polar disorder. Has anyone had experience with mthfr in the family and what if anything to do for it?

Never heard of it, but at first glance I thought your opening post was a joke…with MTHFR being an acronym for Mother (blank).

Sorry I’m of no help to you. But Google is your friend, so perhaps research it there?

MTHFR is also what I suspect as I have two sons with schiz. dx. just search it on you tube and Dr Ben Lynch. It is behind many illnesses but too much to explain. How is it that you were even tested for it ? I am going to order the tests online at 23andme to see if we have that.

I don’t think my insurance will cover the test, but because my daughter and granddaughter was diagnosed with it and because a lot of the symptoms go through my family (diabetes, cancer, schizophrenia, etc.) I wanted to know if it came through my side or through my husband’s side. I tested 1 positive and 1 negative. The cost is going to be $187.00 which I think will end up coming through my own pocket. It will be a miracle if the insurance covers it. My son was diagnosed with paranoid Schiz. at the age of about 30. That set me to wanting to be tested to see if the gene was present with mthfr.

I have researched it, but wondered if anyone has taken methylfolate and had any success.

I dont think ins pays for it. I have ins but wont cover so going to just pay out of pocket.I have been searching for a cause of my sons illness for 17 years. my youngest has had it for 7 yrs. the MTHFR has to do with methylation problems and is highly suspect. your son probably does have that and there is a protocal .I cant even get my sons to take a multi vitamin so good luck.

I know what you mean. I can’t get my son to take meds, so this would be a hard one too.

I would like to know that also. I dont think many know about it. I never bought into the brain disease theory so did a ton of research and everything points to either high histamine, or low histamine, copper/zinc imbalance, pyroluria and the methylation issues. but it actually is all related so one big mess but treatable. I have read numerous recovery stories from nutritional balancing.