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MTHFR mutation
needs to be tested in infancy!

Basically … All the prenatal vitamins we take as mothers when we are pregnant our child with this mutation doesn’t receive them. Folate and Vitamin B’s. The symptoms don’t show up until they become teens.

Most General practitioners or pediatricians have not heard of this mutation until children are off to college or are self-medicating if they have some signs or not being treated for the blood condition like Casey had and passed away from.

When you hear on the news about a young athletic person dying on the field… THIS IS MOST LIKELY WHY!

most Americans have this mutation 30 - 40 % of the population.
some have it more then others and some suffer and some don’t. But we need to be empowered to know so that we can care as parents.

its an easy fix don’t be scared !!!

after @ Casey Claypool death, I found he had this mutation.
In sr year he had anxiety and was looked into, He also ran 5 miles a day and one day he had calf pain for a few days. HE made a Drs appt. but could not get in right away ( COVID )

He went to the store for me and called me to tell me he couldn’t breathe… and called 911 stopped breathing. 1 hr of cpr.
healthy 6’2 190 lb man.
this mutation is serious.
healthy diet do drugs or drink but a few beers.

I honestly do not like Facebook and it can be very damaging if you are only are getting and reading your NEWS

I will share what I know and I will help you if I can.
Get educated for your children and Grandchildren. The General practitioners and pediatric don’t test this(MTHFR ) mutations because pediatrics and Medical insurance don’t pay by insurance and may do not t known because parents do not demand it… But once the events and serious symptoms do happen ( in elementary and college ) the mutation is tested and found.
. some are no signs some have severe sighs.

The earlier a child can be helped with a simple fix once they find they may be weak with this mutation The earlier we can and help our children

cardiovascular and thromboembolic diseases (specifically blood clots, stroke, embolism, and heart attacks)


bipolar disorder.
colon cancer.
acute leukemia.
chronic pain and fatigue.
More items…


Im In no way saying that sz doesnt need medication. In no way saying Vitamins will cure SZ. I saying it can be helped and found out earlier.