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Why is MFTH genetics NOT done at birth?

I would love to hear why?
Knowledge is power.

LOOK at the list in what our Drs should know to help us and our children. It goes from a simple form of anxiety in children and it also can lead to and beyond and to blood clotting and then to depression, and then more and then schizophrenia. .

Parents Can help and don’t have the power to know this information to nurture and care for what this genetic disorder can cause and we should have the right to know it at their births so we can protect and take the right action to minimize it. infants should be tested so we parents can act after they turn into their 20s. and they have already lost so much as we have

A friend that is a pediatrician in NY is looking to Featured testing for the future infants.

Symptoms of a MTHFR mutation

  • cardiovascular and thromboembolic diseases (specifically blood clots, stroke, embolism, and heart attacks)
  • depression .
  • anxiety.
  • bipolar disorder.
  • schizophrenia.
  • colon cancer.
  • acute leukemia.
  • chronic pain and fatigue.

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