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My adult son has schizophrenia


Mom2, Yes my sons highly aware of her unconditional love, she recently told me she would sacrifice her own life for him.


Well for some reason I’m the one to drive him to the hospital each time and that could be it. My husband is more fragile and I just do it. The best outcome is when a CIT officer meets us there and takes it from there. We only had to have him picked up once at our home and he went willingly. His episodes come and go and I wonder if this is common for Sz? They seldom last all day long but can go as long as thirty minutes.

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Dear Jerry,

Time heals.

The advice I received that worked was be consistent in contact, though not pressuring. Invite him places. Ask, Can I do anything for you today? (I forgot the exact phrase, but something like that is what a counselor told me.) Also, sincere compliments and shared interests are good for any relationship.

I would let your son bring up subjects like the illness or hospitalization or social isolation in his own time. He has a doctor and is med compliant. He lives independently. That means he’s doing relatively well.

It took about a year and a half to rebuild relationship with my family member after police dragged family member out of our house following contact with social services that I initiated during family member’s severe episode of psychosis.

Now, due to recent severe episode of illness, things have gone extremely wrong in family member’s life, but we are united as a family and able to try to move forward.

I hope for the best for your family.


My sz son and his (worthless) father, my ex, were getting drunk together, then one thing lead to another and there was a physical fight. His father called police (knowing son was on parole), he was arrested for terroristic threats against family member, he was saying he was gonna come back and kill him. After all that, he forgave his father, cuz he was desperate and needed his help again. I think your son will forgive you also, maybe he’ll need your help one day. I’m at that point about having him committed involuntarily, for his own good, and I worry about the fact he’ll hate me even more. But reading everyone’s posts, they say it’s the best thing we can do, so I have to keep remembering that.


Thank you for the reply.
“Be well and go with a light heart”


My son actually jumped my husband and pushed me to the ground. He accused my husband of trying to poison him and accused my husband of putting stuff in my food. He threatened to kill my husband. He swears my husband hits me, therefore he believes he was protecting me. He was involuntarily taken to the hospital. Thank God this time he was held in hospital for 3 weeks. This is the longest time in the past 3 hospital stays. In other stays he had been discharged within 48 hours and really got no help. He does not believe he is mentally ill, so he doesn’t take his meds. He will not respond to my calls at the hospital, but a patient who picked up the patient phone, told me that he is accusing me of sexually molesting him. I am hurting and feel hopeless. I am only praying, that this longer stay may have stabilized him. He was discharged, is homeless and lives in a big city in the U.S. I live in the carribean and am not financially fit to do more for him. This forum is helping me feel that I am not alone in this. I pray for healing for all of our sons and daughters.


Our son just started the sexual abuse claims in June. He believed that both my husband and I were sexually abusing him. He was enraged, yelling at our house from his apartment at all hours of the night and day for us to STOP.

I hope that your son finds the help he needs and join you in your prayers for all of our sons and daughters.

As the World Health Organization stated, the mentally ill are the most disenfranchised people in the world.

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