My brother wants a break,too

Hello again to all,

Thanks for all your feedbacks.They have been very useful and made me think.

As I briefly told my story yesterday,I haven’t seen my brother for 15 years and this is our first coming together in 15 years.This is quite a difficult situation even without a disease.

Anyway,as I told yesterday,we met a couple of times and I talked about my own feelings about past events and this made us both uncomfortable so we stopped the contact.He is here in my town,staying at a hotel as my guest.My brother sent a sms to my husband yesterday which he wrote,he would like to just hang out by himself for a few days.I think,he feels himself more comfortable with my husband .And my husband is very understanding and he tries to help him.After the SMS,my husband called him and said “ok,as you wish,but please keep your phone on just in case we’d like to contact you”.My husband said “let’s do that,let’s not make him feel under any kind of pressure”.

Right now,I’ve come to understand that it was not a good idea to talk about past and I need to process my own feelings by myself with the help of a professional,it’s my responsibility.I talked to some doctors yesterday and as everybody knows,they said he needs to see a doctor.But,I’m seeing him for the first time in a very long time and I think it will take sometime even to approach that topic.My husband went to the hotel this morning just to say hello and he said my brother seemed ok,better than the first day he came here.

So this is where I am at now.I’ll very much appreciate all feedbacks,not only from family members but from all of you.I am not knowledgeable on schizophrenia and I want to learn.I need to change my perspective and not expect things from my brother which he is not able to do.

I am not from US so I am not sure if we have support groups here,but I’ll try to reach out to all resources.

schizophrenia is hard illness. You get delusional and hear voices that are for the most part derogatory and you see images that aren’t actually there, and you get paranoid, potentially about everyone. I got to a point where I thought everyone in the world wanted to kill me including my family because I started WWIII.