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My girlfriend disappears for hours this common?

My girlfriend will get in the car and just leave. She says she goes to a neighboring town and just sits in a parking lot all day. To be honest if it was anyone else I would find this hard to believe. Is this common for someone who is sz? I don’t know what to think.
Thanks so much

I like to drive around when I am stressed. It allows me to decompress.

I’ve never known anyone to drive to another town and sit in a parking lot all day.

I don’t know if it’s common but I’ve done it before. Mainly just to get some space and a place to think.

It’s common to move yes. It can easily get out of control though too. My Mom did this for about 15 years and migrated across the country while I grew up without her.

It’s common, But I wouldn’t let it get out of control to quickly. SZ is a very complicated DX and can be stressful to take care of.

My wife did the same thing prior to her having her black outs. we had onstar on the car so i had a gps on the car to know when she was moving or just sitting some where.

My point of view on it as long as she answers the phone and you feel that she is safe and your comfortable with the answers she gives you. Let her decompress and destress. Other wise go find her and make sure she’s safe. Only time i went looking for my wife was when i had a bad feeling that something was wrong.

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Great advise In my opinion. I would think this might be common. Our son can spend a day doing nothing and if head the chance to leave he probably would, he just doesn’t drive.