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My granddaughter needs help

Hi my name is Elizabeth and I have raised my granddaughter Asher since birth and when she was young she was diagnosed with ADHD AND BIPOLAR Disorder and also has social anxiety disorder and clinical depression and now has Schizophrenia and when she was younger she was on SSI AND MEDICADE when she turned 18.they STOPPED EVERYTHING and I have been trying to get everything back for the past 4 years now.She was in the hospital in October because she tried to kill herself because of the VOICES SHE HEARS and was put on meds that really didn’t help because 2 nights ago we had to have her hospitalized again because she snapped and trying to kill me .PLEASE WE NEED HELP TO GET HER BACK ON SSI AND MEDIADE email address is you ,

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It matters what state your in. I’m in Iowa and my daughter was given medicaid/Iowa tatal care on her first of many visits this year. The hospital actually set it up for her since she didn’t have any medical. After several visits to the hospital 7 in 4 months. She was put in a step down unit from the hospital (all set up by the hospital) but I did have to have her court committed by the 3rd visit. She is still in the group home and they got her on SSI in 6 weeks. Just got it a couple of days ago. She also has SZ. Being in a group home has allowed her to get stabilized on meds before releasing her.

Sorry, I have heard of people having to get lawyers to get SSI. You could check that out in your state. Make sure to keep all your papers from when you first signed up because they use to pay, back pay from when you first applied I don’t know if they still do or not.

Ty so very much for getting back to me

Wow I’m glad that they helped you and your daughter I’ll look into that here ty so very much