My husband got discharged

This is challenging!! He got discharged with lots of meds until his next invega sustena shot. He still very angry and paranoid. I don’t think he was ready to come out. He doesn’t sleep he held me all night long telling me the "ghost will take me a way and he wanted to keep me safe. He took his meds his eyes still look empty… I think i am done i am scare he is not my husband. He want me to kiss him all the time is weird for me he is soo empty his look. He loss hos job today because he tried to go back to work and resulted on him throwungbstaff in the parking lot including discharge papers… What i do. He is not him self

You have to be very patient. It’s going to take awhile, but if he takes his shots he will get better.

Best of luck!

I have to work, now that he lost his job my income is the only one. How i will assure his safety. This is challenging. I need help.

He’s already on meds, so they’re working slowly, he’ll be safe while you’re at work. Can you take a few days off?

I tried. But I am in my intership and is paid. If i dont work.i dont get paid and he lost his job. Is all on me. For the best and the worst. I feel terrible but I feel like my marriage is not going to work. This is too challenging. And he is scary. I love him. But is hard to live with someone with menyal illness. He still turn loud music in the house and take 10 showers a day… Pace alot. Does not sleep. Veebally incoherent. I cannot help him i am not psychiatrist. I am a care giver cleaning after him after working 12 hour shift. I am tired

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Does he have another person to take care of him while you’re at work?

I know it has to be difficult it is very difficult and caregivers also can get very unwell for treating the mentally ill.

I’m torn between saying please don’t leave him right now, to please take care of yourself.

So, please try and do both as he stabilizes and I’m sure he will get better in a few months if not less.

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If you live in the U.S. you should contact the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill and find out all the resources in your area that can help you. They’re having much shorter commitments in mental hospitals these days, and in the case of your husband I think that policy is misguided. He needs to get stable on medications. If you can’t tolerate his behavior due to his mental illness, maybe you could try a trial separation. There might be an assisted living center for the mentally ill or some kind of group home in your area. You could see if he becomes stabilized on his medications there. It also might help him to straighten up if he knows he doesn’t have you to take care of him.

There are agency that will come into the home to help yoy

Look for a group home. You can’t work shift and take care of him. In a group home he can be stable on meds and then slowly adjust to home again.

You need to think about yourself too. Are his parents out of the picture? Can they take care of him while you work? Does he have any close friends that could be there for him?

It takes a while for the meds to do the trick. I hallucinated 24/7 for 4 months before it settled. I was taken care of by my mom during that period. When I was stable I returned home to husband and kids.

His parents are in hawaii… I am just alone here in washington with him

We moved from Hawaii beacuse i finished my school and I got a paid interniship. Hawaii was to expensive for both of us. I am not from Hawaii. I am from here we met in Hawaii and got married. I never tjought this would happend. I love him so much; but he pushes me away

He is ill, but he will get better. Think long and hard about leaving him in this situation, you might regret it.

But if it turns out to be too much for you, you come first.

Your pain and emotional struggle are evident in your posts. I am a caregiver for my son, and your husband’s behaviors sound similar to his - the angry outbursts, the pacing, the incoherent speech, the paranoia.

  1. are you sure your husband is taking his meds now that he is home? If he is not, he could quickly reach of point of needing to be put back in hospital. How long are you expecting to wait for the injection?

  2. If he is willing, help your husband to get a case manager thru a community mental health center. The case manager can then help you find services to help him. If you qualify for medicaid, some home health agencies accept medicaid. This might make it easier for you to go to work with fewer worries.

  3. Be aware of his symptoms and if they are changing, lessening or worsening. Not all meds work for all people. If he is still having serious symptoms after 3-4 weeks on a med, it might be necessary to try something else. Since he is scheduled to start on Invega, is he currently prescribed Risperdal?

  4. Try not to expect too much from him at this time other than self care. Psychosis is very stressful and recovery takes time.